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Research Information

The Patient Survey on this page is for individuals who have been diagnosed with symptomatic Tarlov cysts by way of MRI/Myelogram/CT imaging studies and correlated symptoms. Please participate in the survey by scrolling down this page to share your information with the Foundation in order to participate in Tarlov cyst research. The Foundation is sharing compiled data from the surveys with the researcher.

Please include a name or pseudonym and please include your state and/or country on the form. Enter all information requested, since it is all significant in providing solutions about Tarlov cyst disease. If English is not your first language and you need assistance with the survey, please contact us by using the contact us submission form on any page of the website.

Thank you!

The Foundation’s surveys will be utilized to compile a scientific database that will aid researchers in studying Tarlov cysts. They will eventually be combined with surveys from physicians who are treating Tarlov cysts. The analysis of this data will hopefully lead to answers regarding the causes of Tarlov cysts and solutions for improved treatment outcomes for all those with Tarlov cysts.

Your medical information will remain confidential, protecting your identity; however, there needs to be some identifier on each survey, such as a pseudonym/nickname, if you do not wish to use your real name for the surveys. Please, be consistent with the same name from survey to survey, if you participate in a new survey following treatment.

Thank you for your participation in our surveys and know that your input will assist clinical researchers and physicians in finding solutions and answers that will benefit all those with Tarlov cysts in the future.

Purposes of the Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation’s Research Studies will be to:

  • Identify potential causes of symptomatic Tarlov cysts; identify incidence of cysts in the population geographically, as well as in relation to gender, age, and onset of symptoms
  • Assess symptoms and differentiate parasthesias, bowel and bladder issues, and other affected multiple organ systems, as well as pain patterns associated with symptomatic Tarlov cysts
  • Evaluate the best imaging parameters for improving the diagnosis of symptomatic Tarlov cysts
  • Develop a statistical analysis to evaluate the existing treatments utilized by the primary physicians of Tarlov cyst patients
  • Determine improved treatments and establish protocols with the best possible outcomes for patients with Tarlov cysts