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*Note: The list of doctors in “Find a Doctor” are possibilities for you to further investigate, contact and discuss with them their willingness to review your films and determine possible treatment options. The decision of choice is always yours, and you must be comfortable with your physician; the Foundation cannot recommend whom you should see, but we have provided a list with contact information, so that you might more easily determine possibilities to provide treatment options.

United States

NOTE: When calling from outside USA, dial 001 prior to the USA numbers

Feigenbaum, Frank, M.D. (Neurosurgeon)
Feigenbaum Neurosurgery P.A.
Energy Square 1, 4925 Greenville Ave., Suite 1307
Dallas, TX 75206

Phone: (214) 351-8450
Fax: (214) 366-3713

Dr. Feigenbaum’s website
YouTube Video: Dr. Feigenbaum Discusses Tarlov Cysts
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YouTube Video: AIMIS Spine/Cyprus: Dr. Feigenbaum and Tarlov cyst patients

Medical City Dallas Hospital website

Schrot, Rudolph J., MD MAS FAANS (Neurosurgeon)
Sutter Medical Group
2800 L Street, Suite 500
Sacramento CA 95816

Office Phone:(916) 454-6850 or (800) 250-3208
Office Fax: (916) 454-6852
Contact: Mindy Watkins (916) 454-6850


YouTube Video: Dr. Schrot’s Tarlov/Perineural Cyst Presentation at CDC

Info on Dr. Schrot

Tarlov/perineural cyst patients who would like a consultation should contact Mindy Watkins at the above number and can send their MRIs on CD and records to: c/o Mindy Watkins at the above address. Mindy will call the patient and get their information so they are in the Sutter system and assign them a medical record number. If the patient schedules a clinic visit and/or surgery, Mindy will take care of further authorization or determine if a referral from a primary care provider is necessary. Otherwise, patients do not need to be referred by the primary care doctor.

*Note: Mindy will NOT be responding to patient questions about their Tarlov cyst diagnosis; those questions will be discussed with and responded to by Dr. Schrot in the office or by phone followup.

Henderson, Fraser C. Sr. M.D. (Neurosurgeon)
The Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group, LLC
1010 Wayne Ave. Suite 420
Silver Spring MD 20910


For appointment call Tatiana at 301-654-9390

For technical questions call Vivienne at 301-557-9049

Metropolitan Neurosurgery’s website


Murphy, Kieran M.D. MB FRCPC FSIR (Interventional Neuroradiologist)
Vice Chair Deputy Chief Medical Imaging
University of Toronto
399 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2S8


Note: Phone numbers to Europe are complete with International codes/country codes/city codes.


Zollner, Georges, M.D. (Interventional Neuroradiologist)
Department of Neuroradiology
The Université Louis Pasteur
67098 Strasbourg CEDEX, Strasbourg, France


Marcettini, Paolo, M.D. (Neurologist with specialty in Pain Management)
dell’ Ospedale San Raffaele di Milano
Milan, Italy

Phone: 011 39.02.2643.3206

South America


Arantes, Aluizio, M.D.
Belo Horizonte