What causes Tarlov cysts?
What are the most common or most prevalent symptoms of symptomatic Tarlov cysts?
How are Tarlov cysts most often diagnosed?
What can I do to improve or control my symptoms, while I am waiting for an appointment with a knowledgeable doctor who will assist me with treatment?
What are current treatment options for TCs and what are the long term outcomes?
What are the medical specialties most knowledgeable about Tarlov cysts and contact information for the physicans willing to treat them?
Are there other diagnostic tests that the neurosurgeons might request?
How do I get my family and friends to understand more about this medical condition and how my life has changed living with this diagnosis?
How do Tarlov cysts affect bowel and bladder?
Will physical therapy help my symptoms?
What are some alternative treatments for TC other than surgery?
My symptoms have become progressive to the degree that I can no longer work. Can I apply for SSD (Social Security Disability)? How do I do that?