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The Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation Board of Directors wish to thank you for supporting our efforts to provide hope for those diagnosed with Tarlov/perineural cysts. We are aware of the changes in the lives of Tarlov cyst patients and we are committed to making a difference.

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This Foundation is dedicated to the mission of finding the best possible solutions that will resolve the life-altering problems caused by symptomatic Tarlov cysts (perineural cysts,sacral nerve root cysts).

The Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation is an advocate for patients and promotes research and education about Tarlov cysts. The website provides information about symptomatic Tarlov cysts, which may cause such symptoms as sciatica, difficulty sitting or standing for more than short periods of time, coccyx (tailbone) pain, pain in buttocks and legs, leg cramps, paresthesias (strange sensations in legs and feet), bladder and bowel dysfunction,chronic pelvic, abdominal, and genitalia pain. If the cysts are located higher in the cervical,thoracic, or lumbar sections of the spine, the symptoms can cause pain and paresthesias in the neck, shoulders,chest, arms, legs, and lower back.

Please consider joining us as a member, renewing your annual membership and/or making a tax-deductible donation to the Tarlov Cyst Disease Foundation to help support the Foundation’s efforts. We need your help in the important work of providing hope to Tarlov cyst patients, and in support of our continued mission to promote & fund research and improve education about Tarlov cysts. The importance of your support cannot be emphasized enough! Please help us to continue research and education by asking friends, family, co-workers, and others to make a tax-deductible donation today or to make one yourself on the: Donate/Join Us page . You can donate online via credit card or mail a check to the Foundation’s Treasurer (name and mailing address provided on the Membership & Donation form.) Please complete the form and mail it with your check,so that we can properly acknowledge your membership and/or donation. THANK YOU!

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